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Jordan is an assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University, where he is also affiliated with Stanford SPARQ and the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Before joining the faculty he was an IDEAL Provostial Fellow in the Psychology Department at Stanford. He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology & Social Policy from Princeton University, and his B.S. in Psychology and professional educator's license from Davidson College. Prior to academia, he spent several years as a high school teacher, coach, and youth program coordinator. You can keep up with his publications here.



Bryn (they/them) is a postdoctoral fellow in the Starck Lab and received their PhD from the University of Washington. They conduct research on intergroup perceptions, gender-based violence, and discrimination and situate their research at the intersection of law and psychology. They enjoy mountain biking and painting.

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Anmol (he/him) is an incoming first-year doctoral student in Social Psychology at Stanford. Before grad school, Anmol served as a Research Coordinator in the Psychology department at Stanford and as a Research Assistant at the Center for Social Development and Education at UMass, Boston. He earned his BA in Psychology and Music from Lawrence University.

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Derek Sungmin Kahng (he/him) will never stop talking about how he is the inaugural lab manager for the Starck Lab. Prior to joining the Starck Lab, he was a PhD student in developmental psychology at the University of Kentucky. He is interested in how ideology, history, social institutions, and psychological mechanisms are perniciously intertwined to maintain racial inequality and hierarchy. Capitalizing on this knowledge, he aims to formulate theory-based interventions and policies to dismantle said inequities. During his free time, he enjoys reading history/anthropology books and keeping himself updated with the most recent discoveries in vertebrate paleontology (especially the Kem Kem formation in Eastern Morocco). He plans to apply for PhD programs in social psychology this coming Fall.



Caleb (he/him) is a senior from Silver Spring, Maryland majoring in Psychology and minoring in Symbolic Systems.  On campus, he played 3 seasons on the varsity football team and currently serves as an undergraduate RA.  He was also a mentor for the Ernest Houston Johnson Scholars Program and continues to work as a research assistant for the Stanford SPARQ lab.  His academic interests center around the psychology of race, and he is working on an honors thesis exploring how social dominance orientation and other individual differences affect responses to instances of police brutality.  Caleb hopes to attend grad school in the future and enjoys listening to music, going on walks, and playing sports in his free time.



Hi, my name is Charleny (she/her), and I am from Brooklyn, NY! I am a senior studying Psychology with a Minor in African & African American Studies at Stanford. I'm deeply passionate about psychologically analyzing the systems of oppression in our society and utilizing psychology to repair their harms. I am pursuing an honors project that aims to explore how marginalized populations perceive diversity for other minorities. I aim to get my doctorates and continue to push psychology literature that centers minorities' experiences. I love engaging with social justice and learning it through studying history. Outside of school I love reading, fashion, art, and music.



Helen (she/her) is a junior majoring in psychology with minors in data science and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. She is particularly interested in the intersection of social psychology and human rights, and she hopes to pursue graduate school in social psychology. Outside of the classroom, she is involved in community organizing, theater, and miscellaneous antics ranging from biking across the country to RAing a very lively, all-frosh dorm. 



Karla (she/her) is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Chicanx/Latinx Studies at Stanford University. She is interested in learning about the role that institutions play in creating and maintaining inequities and interventions that can combat these inequities. She is particularly interested in creating safe and inclusive college campuses.


Our research is a collaborative enterprise. We work in partnership with members and alumni of the Stigma and Social Perception and Betsy Levy Paluck labs at Princeton University, Stanford SPARQ and Stanford GSB, teams at UC Berkeley's School of Law and Haas School of Business, and more. We also partner with organizations interested in carrying out research.


The lab is accepting graduate students and new research assistants.


The lab is accepting graduate student applications! See the departmental webpage for more information on how to apply. Please note that while we strive to encourage all budding scholars interested in this work, we cannot accommodate individual inquiries about your candidacy. These resources can be helpful as you chart your path to a Ph.D.


Many of our projects require research assistants to help drive them forward. Research assistants are typically current Stanford undergraduates, and they work in collaboration with other members of our research teams to perform a range of crucial tasks. They can help collect and process data, develop instruments, survey the literature, prepare manuscripts and much more. Being a research assistant can be a great way to develop skills in a variety of research activities. Apply here

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